Wednesday 4 May 2011

NAAFI Mugs for Dover Castle

While my days are usually spent in prehistory, Roman Britain or the Anglo Saxon period, my claim the "If it's old and made from clay, I can replicate it" was tested in a rather unusual way recently when I was asked to make replica Second World War (WW2) mugs for the NAAFI at Dover Castle.  These were based on broken mugs found on the site.

They are now part of a reconstructed interior setting where they are ready to be filled with kye, a robust concoction of dark chocolate, condensed milk and sugar.  In the interests of developing my understanding of the people who used pots in the past I actually tried a cup of kye; possibly the sweetest thing I have ever tasted.  You can find more about Kye or Kai on this site Rum Ration on The Navy Network including a recipe, try it if you dare!  Also check out Dover Castle, now that's a day out!

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  1. Found an intact original. Rims are rounded over quite sheer walls. Looks like thinner material on original. It's a very robust, almost glass-like porcelain of some sort. One on left looks as if it has a slope on the inside but could be the lighting. I imagine our military guzzled bucketfuls of very sweet milky tea if these were available. And they had to be. You cannot have a functioning British Army, Navy, or RAF without constant tea