Saturday 18 July 2015

Bronze Age Pottery Workshop


Contact me if you'd be interested in attending one of my Two Day Neolithic or Bronze Age Pottery Workshops at Potted History - Rothbury, Northumberland

This workshop will equip participants to; prospect for natural clay and prepare it for pot making; make their own prehistoric tool kit; make and decorate replicas of prehistoric pots and fire them in an authentic manner. 

No previous pottery or archaeological experience is needed.All materials and equipment will be provided, although wearing old clothes and/or bringing along an apron would probably be a good idea. All pots and tools that you make during the workshop are yours to keep. Information sheets will be provided to help you continue potting once you return home.

The following timetable is a framework and may be varied according to the interests 
and or ability of the group.

Day 1: 
10-00  We will start off by Looking at the Pots:Using replicas and some original potsherds we will look at making methods, clay bodies, raw materials, tools used, firing methods, potential uses, methods of deposition, preservation vs. decomposition, etc. We will look at the types and sources of raw materials and their storage. How to find and prepare you materials.

11-00: Tools of the Trade: All participants will make their own Bronze-Age Pottery Tool-kit including; combs, scrapers, cord, modelling tools etc., using materials such as: Birch bark, Bone, Antler, Slate, Shell, Wood, Flint etc. The tools will be based on marks found on the pots and archaeological finds.

12-00: Introduction to Basic Making Methods: including; thumb pot, coil etc

13-00: . Lunch (not included but Rothbury offers numerous options, from bakers & deli sandwiches to hotel lunches)

14-00: Making & Decorating: Beakers, food vessels, etc. With lots information, hints, tips, help where needed and encouragement, all participants will have the opportunity to make at least two pots.

16-00 Finish

Day 2:
10-00: Making & Decorating; A chance to make larger pots or hone skills learned on day one.

12-00: Open Firing:  The pots will be fired in an open or “bonfire” firing, this is a slow process and will involve quite a lot of sitting around the fire. Firing is a slow process which cannot be rushed, so there will be the opportunity to make more pots, discuss the work that we have done during the workshop and stare distantly into the hot coals of the fire. I would suggest a “bring and cook” barbecue lunch may well add to the “Hunter-Gatherer” atmosphere and could help with a theory of mine thatmost Bronze-Age pots would have been made around the domestic hearth.

16-00 Finish
Bronze-Age Firing is an outdoor activity therefore it would not be possible in heavy rain or high wind, in these circumstances, the workshop will continue with an additional indoor making session and full instructions for firing will be given.Price: £90 per person If you require any further information on the course please do not hesitate to contact me:

Accommodation and travel are not included but list of local accommodation providers
can be found here Do 
be aware that not all of these are in Rothbury village so do check before you book.
Rothbury is situated on the edge of the Northumberland National Park and you may 
want to bring along your walking boots and stay in the area for a few days, to take in 
the magnificent landscape and visit some of the many historic and Prehistoric sites in
the area. The area is accessible by public transport, but having your own wheels will 
allow you to get to many of the less accessible beauty spots. You may like to take 
advantage of the local bus company offers some 
great routes around the area. If you feel like putting your boots on and getting out 
into the hills, maybe visiting an ancient hill fort, rock carving site or stone circle, then 
Patrick Norriss be just the man to guide 

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