Sunday 5 August 2018

The Writing Is On The Pots

I always say that I have a constant stream of new commissions that keeps me on my toes, often sending me off to my library to research a new technique or genre, but I think this is the first time that I've been asked to add Latin inscriptions to pieces that I've made. That's exactly what the Ashmolean Museum, Latin Inscriptions Project asked me to do, firstly in creating a full Arretine Ware, Terra Sigillata, (Samian Ware) production set: Punches, Mould and Finished Bowl.

Then there was the beautiful Victory Lamp, bearing the greeting, ANNV / NOVM / FAVTVM / FELICE(M) Annu(m) / nov(u)m / fau(s)tum /felice(m) which translates as ‘A happy and prosperous New Year!’  In this case the museum asked for not only the lamp itself, but the mould that made the lamp and the archaetype that was used to make the mould, again providing an insight into the complete making process.

And last but by no means least this set of Pan Pipes, or Syrinx. The brief did not require that the pipes should actually be able to be played, but as I had all the measurements I felt I should at least try, and they do in fact make quite a passable tune, which can be heard here  All are now in use at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford 

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