Sunday 4 January 2009

This month I'll be mostly making Saxon Pots

OK it's New Year and I have a mountain of Pots to make . To add to the Nottingham Pots and Samian Ware for another museum The Gefrin Trust have commissioned me to make replicas of pots from Brian Hope-Taylor's excavations at the Anglian Royal Palace of Gefrin and the Iron Age Hill fort of Yeavering. This will also include earlier pots from the site including a rather fine early Neolithic Carinated Bowl. These pots will form part of an exhibition "AD GEFRIN: PALACE OF THE KINGS OF NORTHUMBRIA" which opens on 14 February and runs till 29 March 2009 at the Old Fulling Mill Museum of Archaeology, The Banks, Durham. Further Enquiries 0191 334 1823
And last but by no means least, I am really touched and honoured to say that I have been commissioned to make a replica Saxon urn as the final resting place of the cremated remains of an archaeologist.

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  1. Hi Mr Grahams, I really like your work!. I'm originaly from Puerto Rico and I'm actually trying to make replicas of pottery made by the indias of the Caribbean. Is all by hand, with natural tools just the way they did it back in the days. But the challenging part is to fire the pottery. I have not even try this yet since i had no idea how to do it correctly. I'll be looking in your website and your blog for advice. Again, I love your replicas and hope I can get as good as you one day!