Thursday 29 April 2010


The next workshop in my new series at Elsdon is on the subject of Roman Samian Ware. In this one you will learn to make and decorate high status Samian Ware pots, just as Roman potters did two thousans years ago. All of the techniques and equipment you will use are based on excavated examples or experimental research. This workshop is suitable for anyone with an interest in ancient potting techniques but will be of particular interest to archaeologists both professional and amateur as well as museum curators and those involved with Roman archaeological sites.

Using replicas and original potsherds we will look at making methods, clay bodies, tools used, firing methods, potential uses, methods of deposition, preservation vs. decomposition, etc

Punches and Moulds: Based on replica examples, images of originals and potsherds, you will make your own set of Samian potters decorative stamps. You can even make your own Samian makers mark. These will then be used to create your own mould for a Form Dr37 (these pots have such romantic names!) bowl using a pre prepared mould blank.

With lots of information, hints, tips, help where needed and encouragement, all participants will have the opportunity to make at least two pots, possibly many more. Using a reconstruction of a Roman potters’ wheel you will begin the process of making pots in moulds and free throwing pots which can be decorated using Barbotine, Sprigging, rouletting, chattering and stamping methods. Pre prepared plain pots to decorate will also be provided.

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